mvhs98 - Mounds View Class of 1998 Mailing List

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  mvhs98 is the unofficial mailing list for the Mounds View 
  High School Class of 1998.  A detailed description of the
  mailing list and charter are included in the subscription
  information.  Briefly, mvhs98 exists to allow communication 
  among class members, while being significantly cheaper
  than a subscription (mvhs98 is free).

  You can send an e-mail to to get started.
  To subscribe, put the words "subscribe mvhs98" in the message body.
  To unsubscribe, put the words "unsubscribe mvhs98" in the message
  body.  You should get a reply back within a few minutes
  confirming your action.  Detailed instructions are available.

  Only e-mail addresses subscribed to the list may post.
  Anyone may subscribe or unsubscribe themselves at will.
  List archives and digests are currently unavailable,
  but may appear at any time.  Messages posted to the list
  can and will be read by anyone, may be archived, and may
  appear on webpages, message boards, search engines, or
  any other medium, and will not be considered private.
  Offer void in Utah.  

  Please do not e-mail the list maintainer to complain,
  whine, or moan (griping is okay) about the list, the
  people on the list, or anything else for that matter.
  The mailing list software is Majordomo, one of the 
  oldest and most popular mailing list programs on the 
  internet.  Yes, we are aware of Mailman, LISTSERV, Arrow, 
  and dozens of other list management programs available, 
  but by god we use Majordomo.  Yes, we know that your 
  brother/sister/cousin/aunt/uncle/dog/gerbil is the head of 
  IT for Microsoft and knows everything about compooters and
  the interweb,  and says that Majordomo sucks,
  Apache sucks, unix sucks, bash sucks, vi sucks, emacs
  blows, I suck, you suck, etc.  Believe it or not, we
  simply don't care (and he's still wrong).

  That said, this system is a Sun SparcStation 20 with   a 90MHz Ross HyperSparc processor and 256MB of system   memory, running SunOS 5.6.